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    Crowd Sourced
    Investment Reseaerch
    uVest aggregates data points from thousands of
    professional and amateur analyst and investors
    to produce pure crowd sourced investment research.
    Our research helps retail and institutional investors
    make better investment decisions.
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    Earnings Forecasts!
    Use the power of the crowd.
    Independent and Amateur analysts all contribute price forecasts to uVest.
    Update your financial models with forward looking investment data and
    other unique data points from our data feed,
    which has been demonstrated in academic journals to be more accurate than institutional research
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    Personal Portfolio
    Live Data
    In your Pocket or...
    Gain competitive advantages by using our forward looking valuation ratios,
    volatility measures and derivatives data.
    We’re using the power of the crowd to advance options pricing theory,
    volatility measurements and a host of other forward looking investment research!

Welcome to uVest The leader in crowd sourced investment research!

We provide a full data set of crowd sourced financial markets research. Our online and mobile tools are designed to allow investors, analysts, and portfolio managers to use our data effectively in their own investment research and decision making processes. Our data fundamentally advances many financial markets ratios and derivative pricing models, leading to actionable investment opportunities to investors of all experience levels.

uVest is changing the way we look at financial markets.

Our goal, very simply, is to generate the highest quality investment research. We offer statistically backed crowd sourced research that takes advantage of the collective intelligence of a large group of people, which has been demonstrated repeatedly in academic studies to be superior to institutional analyst research. .

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